Speed (source: Collider)

Here’s a photo from the movie Homer Simpson called “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.”

The reason that I was thinking about the film is that transiting Mercury is conjunct my natal Uranus this morning. My mind is going a million miles a minute!

“Cafe Astrology” describes the event as follows:

“This can be a very exciting influence, for it creates a fast tempo in your thinking and communicating with others that makes every encounter interesting and stimulating. However, if you are not careful or if your mind is sensitive in this way, it can also signify scattered and hasty thinking. Much depends upon your normal mental speed, which is not the same as intelligence. On the positive side, this influence indicates that your thinking will be greatly speeded up during this time. Your intuition is so active that you seem to be getting insights out of the air. This is extremely good for any mental work that requires originality and cleverness. Your inventive faculty is very much stimulated by this influence, which especially favors mathematical, technical and scientific work.”

Frankly, I just feel like getting up and moving around. I had a lingering headache yesterday that had me planted on the couch for far too long (something that doesn’t happen to me too often), and now I’ve got two days of physical energy to burn off — never mind the thoughts racing through my head!

It’s an interesting day all around. Transiting Venus opposes Pluto in just a few minutes from now, making this a day for “uncomfortable discoveries” according to “Cafe Astrology.” I imagine a lot of us feel as if today would be a good day to have an emotional breakthrough of some kind. However, it’s almost as if we’re afraid to break the ice to discover what lies beneath.

Maybe I’ll get to a place where I can discover something, too. But first, I’m going to get on my spin bike and pedal as if a bomb will go off if I stop. I can get in touch with my feelings later . . .

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