Brain (source: Bloody Disgusting)

Here’s a photo from “The Man with Two Brains.” In this scene, Steve Martin’s character takes the brain in a jar with which he is communicating telepathically for a nice boat ride. He even buys it a pair of wax lips and a sun hat. It’s so romantic!

Anyway, my brain seems to be working well today. The superior conjunction between Mercury and the sun in Leo occurs in just a few minutes from now, and it’s just a couple of degrees from forming an exact trine with my third-house Mercury in Sagittarius. Tomorrow evening’s new moon in Leo is even closer — mere minutes — from the same aspect.

I’m feeling clever and ready to capitalize on any professional opportunities that may come my way. I really don’t know if that will happen because of the current state of the jobs market, but I’m ready to take the leap if it does. I’ve been wary of giving up my sideline leading fitness classes because I’ve always been afraid that it would impact my health, but after almost five months of working out at home, I’m doing fine. Sure, I love being at the gym, but not being at the gym hasn’t killed me yet.

So, I’m going to keep my eyes open for a few days while these aspects are close, and I’m going to resolve to explore professional opportunities throughout this upcoming new moon phase. A new moon is always a good time to declare your intentions to the universe. With Mercury in the mix, it should be easier than usual to make that declaration clear and concise.

Where are these astrological events happening in your chart? Do you have anything to resolve during this new moon phase? Let me know in the comments section or via one of my social media accounts.

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