Edwin & Teddi (source: Blast)

July 1 is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s birthday.

I like Teddi a lot. I typically have a soft spot for any Bravo “housewife” whose primary ambition in life isn’t to own a bunch of Birkin bags. However, I had never looked up her natal chart until just a moment ago. The two of us have something in common astrologically.

We both have Cancer moons, which is why we both have to think twice before we visit the fridge. I don’t believe it’s uncommon for someone with a Cancer moon to use food as crutch when they’re upset with themselves. Even at my age, it’s a struggle (even though I’ve been a fitness trainer for more than thirty years). I’m always thinking about what I’m putting into my body because it’s so easy for me to put absolutely everything into my body — especially when I’m unhappy.

We also share our Mercury positions along the same axis. Teddi has her natal Mercury right around 27° Gemini, opposing my natal Mercury in Sagittarius. Because I don’t have a time of birth for Teddi, I can’t place hers in the houses, but mine is in the third house in mutual reception to Jupiter in Gemini. It kind of gives me a Gemini Mercury by default, and some insight into how Teddi’s mind works.

There are a few other things in her chart that stick out to me, including the fact that she has three planets in Libra. I guess that’s why she ended up with an Aries husband. There’s a bit of “opposites attract” energy going on in their charts. She also has the sign of Aries empty, just like me, so I can understand if she has a love/hate relationship with Aries natives in general. I can appreciate them for their bluntness, but just as often I wish that they would shut the fuck up. Every opinion they have does not need to be expressed.

I would love to know what time Teddi is born. Earlier this season, there was an episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” where the women sat down at Erica’s house with an astrologer. I should watch it again to see if her time of birth was mentioned, or even her rising sign (because I could extrapolate a lot from that information alone). I don’t know why I didn’t pay attention when the episode aired, but I was probably distracted listening to what the guy had to say. I’m a Capricorn: sizing up the competition is what we do.

Maybe I’ll revisit this topic after I’ve watched the rerun . . .

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