Portrait of Pope Gregory I
Pope Gregory I (source: Wikipedia)

Here’s a depiction of my namesake Pope Gregory I, also known as Saint Gregory the Great. I was thinking about him this morning because my astro.com horoscope let me know that transiting Mars will form a trine with my natal Neptune tomorrow. That aspect can make an individual feel as if they are a martyr. Robert Hand describes the transit as follows:

“Under this influence your energy is best expressed by activities whose principal goal is helping others. You may feel like doing very little, and certainly you will not be very self- assertive. But you are able to work with a spirit of true self-sacrifice and a desire to help others. Now you are more conscious of other people’s needs and wants, because your own ego needs aren’t very great. The only problem to watch out for is the temptation to view yourself as a kind of ‘savior’ helping those who are lower or worse off than yourself. This influence can always create illusions, and you may think you are being totally unselfish when you are really on one of the strongest but subtlest ego trips of all. This is a good time to look at your life objectively to see what it really is without judging or condemning.”

It’s interesting to me that this lineup between these two planets will occur almost simultaneously with my annual conjunction between the transiting sun and my natal Jupiter. That’s usually a lucky aspect: something that augurs the best sort of abundance. I’ve had a couple of memorably delightful days occur while the sun was conjoining my Jupiter.

So, I’m going to be expecting the universe to reward me for all my good deeds tomorrow (even though I won’t be performing my regular volunteer work because the gym where I’ve volunteered for almost thirty years is still closed due to COVID-19). I suppose that I could win the lottery, but there are other ways that I could be honored by the stars. Maybe I’ll be selected to be the next Pope. I’m not even Catholic, but I could be for the right price.

Anyway, I’m expecting to have a good weekend marked by good Karma. I’d thank my lucky stars, but I probably should just thank myself for being such a terrific guy. I know, right?

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