Shea Couleé (source: Advocate)

Yesterday, I promised that I would make a prediction about who would win “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” Season 5. Here it goes . . .

I’m going to predict that an Aquarius will take the crown. That makes things easy for me because there are three in the running! Shea Couleé, Mariah Balenciaga and Mayhem Miller all share the same zodiac sign.

I was sure that Shea Couleé was going to take the crown in her own season, and I’m pretty much on Team Couleé this season. In fact, if Miz Cracker wasn’t along for the ride, I’d probably put money on Shea Couleé.

Miz Cracker is an Aries (she told me that herself). Except for The Vivienne, an Aries queen has never taken the crown. Some have come close, but for such innately competitive individuals, most Aries natives have underperformed on “Drag Race.”

I’m also a big Jujubee fan. She’s a Cancer, and Cancer queens have taken the crown three times. I wouldn’t count her out.

Those are my three favorites, and according to the fan poll from the Drag Race Wiki on fandom.com, those are the three fan favorites. I’m not surprised about that.

However, I will be surprised if those three make it to the end. I’m usually wrong about these things because of all the twists and turns built into a typical “All Stars” season. In fact, with only ten queens currently in the running, I’m expecting some sort of twist that will mess up my predictions entirely.

Astrologically, Cancer natives have beaten Aquarius natives in the finale a couple of times already (Bianca Del Rio over Courtney Act; Sasha Velour over Shea Couleé). The one Cancer who lost to an Aquarius was Asia O’Hara. In my mind, Asia was the queen who could have taken out Aquaria if it wasn’t for her terrible performance in the finale that knocked her right out of the top four. Still, I think it’s going to come down to the Aries vs. Aquarius battle I’ve already mentioned. That’s not astrology talking, but rather logic. Both Shea and Cracker look hungry to me. Well, Blair looks hungry, too, but that’s a story for another post.

Anyway, here is the official breakdown of the cast by zodiac sign:

Aries: Miz Cracker

Taurus: Blair St. Clair; India Ferrah

Cancer: Derrick Barry; Jujubee

Leo: Alexis Mateo

Capricorn: Ongina

Aquarius: Mariah Balenciaga; Mayhem Miller; Shea Couleé.

In the event of a twist that throws a few more contestants into the mix, I might need to revisit this post after the premiere this Friday. Until then . . .

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    It’s Shea Couleé’s birthday today, so I might as well revisit this prediction I made right before “All Stars 5” premiered. I was right, but it was a pretty easy season to fortell, wasn’t it?


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