Clam (source: Wikipedia)

Mercury entered Cancer yesterday where it will remain for an uncommonly long time because of its upcoming retrograde cycle. It won’t move into Leo until August 4.

There’s a lot going on in Trump’s America this morning, and we all have an opinion about it, but it’s probably a good time to think twice before sharing your views in the comments section or on social media. For the next few weeks, it would be wise to stop and take a deep breath before you click the “submit” button.

Reacting from a defensive position is instinctive when Mercury is in Cancer. In the natal chart, this position indicates a personality who is always on the defensive. Sometimes, however, the best defense is to shut your mouth or bury yourself in the sand. Not every fight needs the backing of an entire army. It’s a good time to choose your battles intellectually rather than emotionally.

I don’t want to advise everyone to clam up, of course, because it is important to speak truth to power during times like these. If you’re going to come out of your shell, just be sure that you’re actually contributing to the discussion over the next few weeks. You may be more vulnerable than you think you are.

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