Sonequa Martin-Green (source: Elle)

March 21 is Sonequa Martin-Green’s birthday.

I’m a Trekkie. I have been for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I’m done writing this blog post, I’m probably going to find some time to sit on the couch so that I can catch up on “Star Trek: Picard” before I rewatch the first two seasons of “Star Trek: Discovery.” I’m going to try to make the most of this COVID-19 quarantine, and that includes changing the channel from the doom and gloom of American cable news.

Of course, I know the signs of all the lead actors on all of the different versions of “Star Trek.” One of the things that has intrigued me for years is that both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have Aries as a sun sign. I often discuss the relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as an example of what happens when you put two Aries natives together in front of the camera.

The original “Star Trek” series wasn’t really like that, although I’m sure that both Shatner and Nimoy would argue over which one of them was the real star of the show. Sonequa Martin-Green doesn’t have to do that because “Discovery” is really written around her character. I suppose that she should consider herself lucky because I’m not sure that she would share the spotlight as eagerly as another Aries actor.

The reason I say that is because she is an Aries’ Aries. She not only has the sun in the sign, but also Mercury and Venus. While Venus doesn’t really behave at its best in Aries, in this instance it is in mutual reception to Mars in Taurus. In all likelihood, she also has an Aries moon. It moved into Aries around 4:30 AM on the day she was born, and it conjoined the sun about ninety minutes later.

If Martin-Green does have an Aries moon, a close conjunction between the moon and the sun would only make her more Aries-like. And I haven’t even considered her rising sign! If she was born just before the new moon occurred, she would also have an Aries rising and all these planets would be in the first house. Yikes!

But I’m speculating! All I really want to point out is that she’s lucky to be the focus of a “Star Trek” franchise where the captain of the starship isn’t the lead character of the show. I’m not sure how well she works with others with all that Aries in her chart, and even if she is cooperative and professional on the set, I’m sure that she knows that her name is the first name on the show’s credits. She shares her sun/Mercury/Venus combo with actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker. If a reporter had the nerve to ask either of them to name the star of the franchises that made them into household names, I have no doubt that they would end the interview.

I’m not saying that Sonequa Martin-Green is a diva. It’s early in her career, though. Give her a couple more years . . .

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