Massage (source: Trip Savvy)

Venus enters Taurus tomorrow where it will remain for about a month.

I’m looking forward to the ingress because it happens in my seventh house. One of the reasons that I chose to plan my upcoming vacation in mid-March is because I knew that I would be feeling the decadence associated with the transit. Lounging around a Las Vegas mega-resort with nothing to do but eat and drink and shop and gamble seems like a Venus in Taurus thing to me.

The interesting thing about this trip will be that Venus actually moves from my Placidus seventh house into my eighth house halfway through my vacation. Hopefully, that means that I’ll win back all the money I’ve wasted during my first couple of days in Sin City when Venus makes its move into the most Karmic sector of my chart.

I’m actually banking on it. I’m honestly going to try to not blow all my money in the first two days of my trip because I can see how much more fortunate my horoscope is during the second two days of my trip. I’m going to try to explore a little more, and I might even book a trip to the spa for a massage on my second day there. That won’t be cheap, but sitting around in the casino all day isn’t cheap, either. I might even take some workout clothes with me so that I can do yoga a couple of times while I’m there since doing yoga is already like a vacation for me. I “get away from it all” when I’m doing yoga, and that’s sort of the point of my vacation.

Anyway, Venus moves into Taurus until tomorrow night. Hopefully, it won’t have me mentally checking into the Park MGM ten days ahead of my vacation because I have a lot to do before I depart. Still, I have the feeling that I’m already on that massage table, just waiting for it all to begin.

March 15 can’t come soon enough . . .

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    Venus enters Taurus tomorrow. Last year when that occurred, I published this post about the event and my trip that never happened due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. What’s interesting is that I just got off the MGM website where I was about to book another trip to Vegas this fall. Astrology works in mysterious ways!


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