Cindy Crawford (source: Hello!)

February 20 is Cindy Crawford’s birthday.

Cindy Crawford and I were born just a few weeks apart, so we have a lot of similarities in our natal charts. Every planet from Jupiter outwards is in the same sign. We both have Venus virtually stationary in our charts as well. I was born just hours after the planet went retrograde, and Crawford was born during the same retrograde cycle, just a couple of days after the planet went direct.

Another interesting thing about our horoscopes is the cardinal angles we share. Crawford’s ascending degree in Cancer is about a degree away from my Cancer midheaven. If you’ve been following my blog, that is the same point in the sky where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction just occurred, and it is where the Mars/Jupiter conjunction will occur next month.

Just like me, Cindy Crawford is currently going through something major. I expect that it’s more of a cosmic reckoning than anything else: a mid-life crisis where she’s trying to establish her place in a world that she’s been looking at through rose-colored glasses for the past fifty-four years. With our ninth-house moons and Cancer featured prominently in our charts, it’s likely that we’ve both been feeling as if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence for most of our lives. Rather than looking inward, we’ve looked outward for the emotional security we crave.

Cindy Crawford may have had things a little tougher than me, though. With the sun, moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces, her sensitivity to the world around her is heightened. I can see her anxiety getting the best of her, so I hope that she hasn’t succumbed to using and/or abusing prescription drugs to deal with the current cosmic circumstances. There is already a strong desire to escape already built into her natal chart, so she doesn’t need any more encouragement to run away from her demons.

I’d like to know if I’m right about her. However, I don’t know if I ever will. People with Cancer rising are not usually the most forthcoming about their personal struggles. Nevertheless, I’m going to look around online to see if I can find any recent interviews that might shed a little light on Cindy Crawford’s personal life. If I find out anything interesting, you’ll be the first to know . . .

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