The Fall of Icarus by Odilon Redon (source: Ocean’s Bridge)

I don’t spend a lot of time studying progressions because changes are uncommon in a typical day-for-a-year progressed chart. I had written about the subject a few months back when progressed Mercury was about to move into my sixth house. I knew that something else was about to happen because I had made a mental note of the shift earlier this year. My progressed moon is moving from the eighth house to the ninth in July.

The moon is the one planet that travels around a progressed chart at a relatively rapid rate, spending about two-and-a-half years in a sign. Because I use the Placidus house system, the time the progressed moon spends in a house is dependent upon the size of the house. My eighth house is about 32°. I thought back to the time when the moon moved out of my seventh house and I realized that it coincided with the moment when I knew that my job was in jeopardy because the company that I was working for was going broke. The next few months were a struggle as I attempted to stick it out. I finally quit when it became clear that my ability to make a living was being seriously impacted by the failing fortunes of my employer.

Dark Pixie Astrology, a site I have referred to before when discussing progressions (and a site that I wholeheartedly recommend for its interpretations of progressions), describes the influence of the eighth-house progressed moon as follows:

“The effect of the Progressed Moon moving through the Eighth House is very similar to when it moves through the sign of Scorpio. It can be a very draining experience, emotionally charged and difficult. When the Moon first crosses into this house, you have a good chance of seeing some sort of significant change, whether it’s the ending of a relationship, a life-changing decision, or loss of some kind. You may have to deal with power struggles, people on power trips or internal control issues. Financial problems could come up, especially in relation to joint finances, debts, loans, or credit. You can easily find yourself very lonely and down during this period if you don’t use it wisely or haven’t been making good decisions in your life. To use this energy positively, you may need to delve into your basic temperament emotionally. What it is that you need to feel good is something you shouldn’t throw by the wayside. Understand your emotional makeup, and come to terms with your emotional needs. This can be an intense time no matter what, because you’re being forced to evaluate parts of your emotional inner workings that you may have shied away from for a reason.”

In retrospect, that makes a lot of sense. I’m not the most emotionally demonstrative person, but I do understand how my successes and failures affect my “emotional inner workings” after being put in a position that truly tested my mettle.

Thankfully, the description of the ninth-house progression on the same website seems to be much more favorable:

“Going from the Eighth House to the Ninth House with the Progressed Moon is pretty different! The Ninth House makes you more extroverted, less “heavy”, and desiring adventure, excitement. You want to increase your consciousness and spread your wings and fly (just remember the story of Icarus!). What your belief system has been may come into question. You’ll look around you and see there’s so much out there, and wonder if what you’ve been holding onto is really working for you. A lot of people take on new beliefs, some in a positive way, adding to their life, and some in a negative way, becoming more cynical or extreme. Which you’ll be usually depends on the aspects the Progressed Moon is making as it tours through this house and what transit aspects are occurring at the same time. No matter what, you’ll think that you’re trying to make your life better, even if it’s worse. It’s a good time for travel or study, if you’re so inclined, and you may have more opportunities for them than usual. Taking risks can come about now, risks you never would have thought of taking before, but make sure they’re risks WORTH taking.”

I’m quite sure that I won’t want to spread my wings like Icarus and fly into the sun (I am a well-grounded Capricorn, after all), but I am looking forward to this liberating cosmic shift. Not long after the progressed moon enters my ninth house, it makes a conjunction with Jupiter that Dark Pixie Astrology describes like this:

“With a conjunction, the Moon is in the same sign as Jupiter, and you can feel unbelievably optimistic . . . and like you’re just pretty lucky. If handled well, then you can expand your life in any way you want, but if handled poorly, you can lack good judgment and make bad decisions. Overall, you’ll be much more open-hearted, feeling everything to the nth degree, and you may not do things halfway. You can enhance your comprehension of your scope of vision, and absorb as much as possible.”

Honestly, that all sounds good to me. After studying my own Mercury progressions, I am starting to see a lot more value in the idea of progressions than I did before. I know I’ve said this a million times before on this blog, but I’m learning so much by studying my own chart in ways that I didn’t before I began recording my observations. Hopefully, I’ll feel the same way in another three years when I revisit this topic during my next major moon progression.

Stay tuned!

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