Stella Maxwell (source: models.com)

May 15 is Stella Maxwell’s birthday.

Yesterday, I published a post about Rob Gronkowski where I mentioned that the football player was about to have a couple of interesting years ahead of him. The same goes for Stella Maxwell.

A stellium (a group of three or more planets in a sign) formed in Capricorn in 1988 and lasted through much of 1990. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were the three planets involved, but there were a few times when the sign was occupied by other planets, as well.

Three decades later, these kids are experiencing their first Saturn return. I believe that some astrologers demonize the Saturn return, making it out to be the worst thing that will ever happen to an individual. I was taught that it was a turning point in our lives: a time when we choose to move into a more thoughtful, responsible phase of our lives or remain in perpetual adolescence.

Now we all go through it, but what’s different for many of these kids is that Pluto is currently trudging through Capricorn, and Jupiter will join it for a year-long stay beginning in December. It’s going to create a sink-or-swim situation for anyone born with Saturn in Capricorn, but it’s going to be even more troubling for someone like Stella Maxwell who also has Jupiter in Cancer.

Without a time of birth, I can’t really get into the details, but anyone who knows anything about astrology should understand exactly what I mean. So, if you know someone born in 1990, you might want to give them a little extra attention and maybe even a little extra compassion in the upcoming year. They’re going to feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on them.

If there is one thing that Saturn can teach us, it’s that patience is a virtue. Be patient! The universe will work itself it out, even if it takes a while . . .

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