Meghan & Harry (source: ET)

The latest addition to the British royal family was born this morning.

The baby boy arrived at 5:26 AM giving him a 12°42″ Taurus rising, just a couple of degrees ahead of his Taurus sun. The moon had just moved into Gemini, but it was well within the cusps of his first house (using Placidus houses).

The chart layout is interesting. Venus is in detriment in Aries and Aries is completely intercepted in the twelfth house. I don’t know that I would call the position of his ruling planet “afflicted,” but it’s certainly not an indicator of a healthy emotional life. Also, Saturn is well-placed in Capricorn in the tenth house, but conjunct the south node.

Now, there’s a saying that the best people have the worst charts (and vice versa). I just can’t help but thinking that this is a difficult chart. Still, some of the people that I admire the most have difficult charts. If the difficulty in this horoscope manifests itself the way I think it will, this kid will have trouble with self-indulgent behavior, addictions and emotional instability. I can see him having a tough time as he grows up, starting around the age of fifteen. Hopefully, he’ll turn everything around and become as charming and responsible as his father. Remember when Harry was “sowing his oats”?

He also was born during a nearly-exact Mars/Jupiter opposition from the second house to the eighth house. His “legacy” is always going to be hanging around his neck like an albatross. It’s going to be tough for him to deal with it when he’s younger, but if he grows into the idea that he has been given a very special platform to do good in the world (like his father), he’ll go far. Still, he’s going to have to make it to his twenties without doing something really, really stupid for that to happen.

I know that’s not the most optimistic forecast, but I’m not going lie: this kid has the chart of a juvenile delinquent. I’m not trying to pass judgment because some of my best friends were juvenile delinquents. I just can’t see how that isn’t going to be a problem for someone who has the eyes of the world on them.

His parents are going to have their hands full!

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