Katya (source: We Love Katya)

May 1 is Katya’s birthday.

I adore Katya. She might be my favorite “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant of all time (her and Trixie can mud wrestle for that coveted title). The only reason I didn’t include her on my “Drag Race Zodiac Dream Team” was because Pandora Boxx is a textbook Taurus. I can’t really say the same about Katya.

Why do I say that? Katya was sort of strangely anxious on her first season of “Drag Race.” Her constant efforts to sabotage her own progress on the show even made RuPaul remark that perhaps Katya was addicted to anxiety itself.

Many Taurus natives find themselves addicted to a lot of things. They can be terribly self-indulgent, so usually their addictions revolve around something that gives them pleasure. I get the feeling from Katya that her history with addiction is much deeper and more complicated than that.

I had a look at her natal chart to see if I could find anything that explains why she is such a weirdo (I mean that in the nicest possible way). Unfortunately, without a time of birth I was left scratching my head. I cannot determine Katya’s moon sign. She probably has a Leo moon, but if she was born in the last couple hours of the day, it could be in Virgo. The latter scenario would explain her penchant for paranoia. Mercury also changed signs on her birthday. The planet moved from Taurus to Gemini right in the middle of the day. And, of course, I don’t know her rising sign without an accurate time of birth, so I can’t place any of the planets in the houses.

I can say that she has Venus (the ruler of her sun sign) in Pisces. I joke around all the time about the sign of Pisces when I’m talking about drunks and drug addicts. Usually, I’m making fun of people that I know have no problems with addictions. It’s quite different to discuss someone who has been through rehab a couple of times. Still, I can’t look to a single planetary placement like that and claim that it is the cause of her problems. A lot of Taurus natives have Venus in Pisces, and they probably aren’t addicted to anything more serious than Botox, potato chips and “Days of Our Lives.”

So, I don’t know what else to say about Katya, except that I’m glad that she’s out of rehab and on the road again. She’s coming to my hometown in a couple of months. Maybe I’ll buy a ticket to the show and scream “WHAT TIME WE’RE YOU BORN?” from the audience until she answers me. We astrologers do what we have to do for the sake of our craft!

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