Nancy Pelosi (source: Wired)

March 26 is Nancy Pelosi’s birthday.

The natal chart for Nancy Pelosi on includes a 12:00 AM time of birth, so I’m not sure that I can trust its accuracy. Sure, people are born on the stroke of midnight occasionally. However, as I’ve mentioned on this blog a million times before, rounded-up birth times are usually suspect. For that reason, I’m only going to evaluate her planetary placements.

But is that going to hold me back? No way! Pelosi has a fascinating chart in terms of particular points that are currently being activated by outer planets, and points that will be activated in the near future.

She has her natal Saturn at 0°41″ Taurus. Anyone who is into astrology will know that Uranus has been making contact with that degree over the past few months. She also has Pluto exactly square Saturn at 0°41″ Leo. That degree will take on a lot of significance in December of 2020 when the Jupiter/Saturn synod takes place opposite that point by about 11″.

All these squares and oppositions might look bad, but it’s difficult to evaluate them out of the context that an accurate birth time would provide. Even if I take’s word that Pelosi’s chart is correct, I’m still too befuddled to make any conclusions about what her future holds. It’s a lot to process.

Just yesterday, I mentioned that I need to take a mental vacation far away from the ugliness of American politics. I still would like to do that, so maybe this is something that I will revisit in the future. In the meantime, I would like to invite my fellow astrologers to have a look at Pelosi’s chart to try to make a few predictions about her future. She’s a fascinating woman who may soon hold the destiny of a few hundred million people in her hands.

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