A Can of Worms (source: San Diego Reader)

The sun enters Aries this afternoon, followed shortly afterward by the first of two full moons that will occur in the same sign over the next four weeks. That in itself is a rather uncommon event that should capture the attention of most astrologers, but I noticed something else weird this morning.

Last year on this day, I implored you “to be sensitive to perceived wounds that others are still nursing, but don’t allow yourself to dwell in the past.” That advice was borne out of a new moon in the last couple degrees of Pisces that conjoined the asteroid Chiron.

This event also occurs awfully close to Chiron: it’s less than two degrees away, but in Aries this time. I imagine that the emotional nature of the full moon could have people with significant chart elements on or around the cusps dredging up the same issues that I advised them to avoid last year when the new moon was still influencing our behavior.

Why is that? With those heavenly bodies lining up in Pisces, there is always a risk of self-victimization present. With the same planets lining up in Aries on an axis just a couple of degrees away, those same issues will be illuminated by the full moon. If you’ve put a lid on them, good for you. But if you haven’t, you might be opening a can of worms without realizing exactly what you’re serving up.

The Pisces influence of last year’s events may have shone a light on those perceived wounds (whether or not they were real). The Aries influence on this year’s events could make you eager to show off those battle scars as if there was a contest to compare which of us has suffered the most harmful wounds.

Once again, my advice is to avoid dwelling in the past. Move on, already! Your survival isn’t a contest with anyone but yourself. Fight the urge to fight with others over fights you’ve already fought. Spring forward today and don’t look back.

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