Tom Ford (source: Vogue)

I like to make predictions on this blog. Any astrologer worth their weight in tattered back issues of “Dell Astrologer” will prognosticate without the fear of being proven wrong.

Last year on this blog, I published a post called “My Big, Fat Fashion Prediction” as the Tom Ford show hit the catwalk where I wondered if Saturn in Capricorn was ushering in a ‘new normal’ to the runways or just a return to the old system. My conclusion for 2018-2020 was this:

People are going to demand clothing that makes them feel good in whatever body they are in. Retailers who provide consistency in sizes and diverse fit options are going to get out on the other side of this astrological event with the sort of devoted customer base that can keep a company in the black for generations.

Curiously, I woke up today to read a review of last night’s Tom Ford show where Nicole Phelps of “Vogue” wrote that the designer’s “desire for calm and security led him to tailoring.” And that makes sense for a brand that not only started with menswear, but also a brand that continues to achieve much of its success in that sartorial tradition. Tom Ford has clients of all sizes (at least in his menswear line) because he makes clothes that can be altered to fit. He now seems to be ready to offer that same service to both sexes. Last night’s outing was a parade of pants and blazers for men and women alike.

And then the other big fashion story from yesterday was about 11 Honore’s first-ever runway show featuring Laverne Cox. The name of the plus-size label is on everyone’s lips today because of the event.

It’s as if the fashion world has discovered that there is a market for people who want to look good in the clothes that they are wearing. I know, right? For all the talk of diversity on the runways, high-end labels have often frozen out those clients who don’t fit into standard sizes.

Perhaps the over-saturated luxury market is finally realizing that there is money to be made by courting people who can not only afford high-end tailored clothes, but people who will pay extra to wear clothes that can be altered, or clothes that actually fit a more-robust figure in the first place.

I’m not the only one in the fashion business saying this, but I am the only one making astrological predictions about where fashion is headed. Expect more of this as logos fall by the wayside and we enter the era of fit.

Mark my words . . .

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