Mars (source: The Guardian)

Mercury conjoined the sun last night and now the two heavenly bodies are traveling in tandem for a couple of days. Normally, this is a time when communication comes easily for most of us. We say what we mean, even when we know that our words may get us into trouble.

For most people, it’s no big deal. Because Mercury moves so quickly, this is a fairly regular event. I like to think of it as a counterpoint to Mercury’s retrograde cycles, which to me are no big deal either because of their frequency. However, this time the conjunction is happening right on top of my natal Mars. I woke up and was annoyed by practically everything in my immediate environment. My cats won’t stop doing bad things. I keep logging onto social media only to log out a moment later because I can’t tolerate the stupidity of what I’m reading. I have a crick in my neck from doing too much yoga. The weather forecast is terrible and it’s stressing me out. Worst of all, I tried to buy a Missoni shirt on Mr. Porter that is 70% off the regular price and it doesn’t ship to Canada. WTF?

Everything I encounter today is making me more and more irritable. The funny thing is that these aspects recur around this time of year and my grouchiness is well-documented in my blog archives. I guess I should have seen it coming.

Anyway, I’m going to try to be nice to myself today so that I don’t say or do anything I’ll regret later. Maybe I’ll do some yoga that isn’t so athletic and aggressive in nature. Perhaps I’ll lay in the bathtub for a while. A nap on the couch this afternoon probably won’t hurt, either. In two more days, both Mercury and the sun will conjoin my natal Venus, turning my scowl into a smile.

That can’t happen soon enough. Until then, avoid me for your own good.

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