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Barbi Benton (source: YouTube)

January 29 is Barbi Benton’s birthday.

Barbi Benton was everywhere when I was a kid. When she wasn’t appearing in “Playboy” magazine spreads, she was on TV shows like “Hee Haw,” “Fantasy Island” and “The Love Boat.” I remember her in a particularly terrible slasher film called “Hospital Massacre” that was laugh-out-loud bad.

She’s not really a social-media animal (like Morgan Fairchild, her fellow Aquarius native). In fact, her Twitter account has three terrific photos (including a snapshot of Benton with Andy Warhol) and then nothing else. I often discuss how great certain Aquarius individuals are with adapting to the ever-changing world of social media, but Barbi Benton doesn’t seem all that interested in keeping up with technology.

I wonder if the combination of an Aquarius sun with a Capricorn Mercury keeps her away? That wouldn’t be the most sentimental placement for those planets (but that’s also the same combo that Morgan Fairchild possesses because they were born just a few days apart). Curiously, one of the most-recent video clips of Barbi Benton I was able to pull up was from “TMZ.” A couple days after Hugh Hefner’s death, the media outlet interviewed her about the future of the Playboy mansion. It was interesting to listen to her recount the discovery of the legendary property. She’s got some great stories to tell.

It makes me wish that she was a force on social media, but I guess that wasn’t in her stars.

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