Celebrity Big Brother (source: TV Guide)

It’s no secret that I’m a reality TV show junkie. I don’t believe that I’ve ever missed an episode of “Big Brother” once I started watching it midway through its second season.

Season 2 of “Celebrity Big Brother” just debuted this past Monday. While I awoke to the news of a surprise exit from the show (if you don’t know what I mean, you’ll know by the time the show airs this evening), I wasn’t really sure who was going to be evicted tonight. Now I’m not sure that anyone will be going home.

Anyway, I love to look at the signs of the contestants to see which ones I believe will stick around. It’s always tough to do on the regular version of the show because it can be difficult to dig up the birthdays of the house guests. With the celebrity version, it’s a little easier to access accurate information. So, here’s a list of the contestant’s zodiac signs:

Joey Lawrence: Taurus

Kandi Burruss: Taurus

Ricky Williams: Gemini

Jonathan Bennett: Gemini

Tom Green: Leo

Lolo Jones: Leo

Ryan Lochte: Leo

Natalie Eva Marie: Virgo

Dina Lohan: Virgo

Anthony Scaramucci: Capricorn

Kato Kaelin: Pisces

Tamar Braxton: Pisces

So, what am I supposed to infer from all of that? My two favorite contestants of all time, Dr. Will and Janelle, are both Capricorns, like the Mooch. He also shares my birthday. But he has both Mercury and Mars in Capricorn and a slick Libra moon. He’s greasy and everyone knows it. I’d like to root for my fellow goat, but just like half of the people in the White House, he’s one of those Capricorns that gives Capricorns a bad name.

Speaking of the White House, the other half of the people there are Gemini natives, like Ricky Williams and Jonathan Bennett. Bennett knows the game, but he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth and everyone knows it. Ricky Williams has a Cancer moon, which is a little more protective and conservative. I like his chances. He’s my number-two pick to win the whole thing.

There are three Leos in the game. Ryan is learning the game quickly, but he probably has already started to scare the other house guests with his athletic prowess. The same goes for Lolo, never mind the fact that she’s crazy. Tom Green stands a good chance of making it to the end if he can manage to put the target on someone else.

Both Joey and Kandi are Taurus natives. I watch Kandi on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” If she can keep her feelings to herself, she’s not going to come off as threatening. However, she is a threat and anyone who has seen her show knows just how defensive she can be. She’s the typical bull in a china shop when she feels cornered. Joey, on the other hand, is that laid-back Taurus type who can probably get deep into the game just by doing nothing. In reality show parlance, he’s probably this season’s “goat.”

Kato and Tamar are both Pisces natives. Tamar was already behaving irrationally on last night’s episode, as is the custom with people who share her sun sign. I don’t believe that she stands a chance of winning. Kato is looking good because he’s funny and sort of non-threatening. He’s a much more charming person than I expected him to be. I like Pisces individuals, though. They bring out the goofiness in me. With the exception of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” I just don’t know if they’re all that great at winning reality shows.

So that leaves Dina and Natalie Eva Marie (with three first names, which one am I supposed to use?) Dina won’t go far because she seems like a real non-competitor. However, after watching a couple of episodes, I like Natalie’s chances. Aside from her gaffe (talking about a final two with Lolo while Tamar was in the room), I think she’s clever and calculating — just like a Virgo should be. She’s my pick to win in this mix of signs.

Curiously, last season’s winner and runner-up don’t have their zodiac signs represented on this season of the show. Marissa is an Aquarius (like Omarosa), and Ross is a Libra.

Anyway, now that I’ve put this all out into the universe, Natalie will probably go home in a surprise elimination on tonight’s episode. That’s just how these things work out for me.

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