Pigs (source: National Geographic)

The Year of the Pig is only two weeks away!

The Pig Year technically starts when the sun enters 315° of the tropical zodiac. That happens around noon on February 4, 2019 where I live. The celebration of the Chinese New Year happens on the same day this year. The celebratory day is usually different than the actual day when the calendar switches to the new year. I don’t remember the two days arriving in sync in recent memory, but I don’t pay that much attention to Chinese astrology.

I do pay enough attention, though, to understand that I was born during a cow month, a cow day and a rat hour. The pig is the third animal in the water triad. That should mean good things for me, right? Unfortunately, I was born during a snake year, and the snake is the enemy of the pig. I guess that I should expect a year of mixed blessings.

I know that Chinese astrology is far more complex than that, but I’m going to hope for the best anyway. Yesterday, I walked by the Coach store and they were selling Year of the Pig merchandise. Maybe I need to buy something with a pig on it in order to hedge my bets.

Any excuse to go shopping, right?

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