Erin Wasson (source: Refinery 29)

January 20 is Erin Wasson’s birthday.

Erin Wasson was born on a day when the sun moved from Capricorn to Aquarius very early in the morning. There is a small chance that she is a Capricorn, but I’m going to play the odds and speculate that she’s an Aquarius.

The iconic model also has Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, so it only makes sense that I get Aquarius vibes from her. But when I went looking around for a photo to illustrate this post, I found plenty of pics like the one I posted above. They reminded me of another Aquarius model that I follow on Instagram: Meghan Collison. They both possess that sort of laid-back, hippie vibe in real life that is often associated with the sign of the water bearer.

Wasson has a Sagittarius moon, too, which makes sense. She’s quite the individual, and the sun in Aquarius/moon in Sagittarius combo reveals a character who marches to the beat of her own drum. The only big surprise in her chart is Mars in Libra. It’s afflicted, and yet I don’t see that in her personality. Perhaps she overcompensates to deal with the position of the planet. It’s sort of a chicken-shit placement, and yet she seems quite bold to me.

Erin Wasson does share her retrograde Venus in Aquarius with me. Although there is no historical basis in astrology to attribute her supermodel looks to that planetary placement, that’s got to be the reason that she’s so gorgeous. I mean, look at me.

It’s nuggets of wisdom like this that keep you coming back to my blog, right?

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