Unicorn Day Planner (source: Calendar Club)

I need to pick up a couple of 2019 wall calendars soon. Maybe I’ll visit Calendar Club at the mall where I work and buy one of these swell day planners, too. Or maybe not . . .

Anyway, the first week of the year is an eventful one. On New Year’s Eve, Mars enters Aries. Mars’ retrograde cycle saw it stuck in Aquarius for a big part of 2018. Now that it’s moving again, it’s moving fast, covering a lot of territory in the new year.

Once Mars makes its move into the sign over which it rules, that will mean four planets are in their ruling signs simultaneously. While that isn’t an uncommon occurrence, inner planets are more likely to be involved when this does occur.

On that note, the inner planets are actually going to move out of their respective detriments next week. Mercury leaves Sagittarius on the morning of January 4. It’s gaining speed now and will conjoin the sun late in the month in Aquarius. Its next retrograde cycle begins in early March, just after the planet enters Pisces.

Venus also makes an ingress into another sign on January 7 when it enters Sagittarius. Its recent retrograde phase saw it move from detriment in Scorpio, back to its ruling sign, Libra and then back into detriment again in Scorpio. Venus in Sagittarius should feel like a vacation compared to Venus in Scorpio. It’s literally a good time to get away for anyone who has been thinking of a winter holiday. People will find pleasure in broadening their horizons. Consider visiting an “all-inclusive” resort with day trips to historically-significant and/or educational places.

Uranus also goes direct the day before, on January 6. It backtracked into Aries shortly after moving into Taurus. This last stand in the sign of the ram means that Aries natives may feel as if something has got to give. Believe me, something is going to give. It’s time!

In the middle of all these events, a new moon occurs smack dab in the middle of Capricorn on January 5. This new moon is also a solar eclipse in Capricorn. It’s a great time to make a new year’s resolution. Whatever you choose, make “progress” a part of whatever intention you set for 2019: slow, steady progress. This is a time for forward movement, highlighted by the new moon occurring in the sign of its detriment. The message of the eclipse in Capricorn is “don’t look back,” and it happens right on time to embrace a brand new year.

Honestly, I’m optimistic about 2019. While the tortoise-like pace may be hard to handle for people who like to hit the ground running, it’s going to be a great year for getting ahead one day at a time.

Mark your calendars!

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