Mountain Goat (source: Jasper Journal)

Retrograde Mars moves back into Capricorn today where it will remain for about a month. It goes direct on August 28.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to a little jolt of Martian energy. The summertime weather makes me lazy and uninspired. I know a few Capricorns who feel the same way. I may not love the coldest days of winter, either, but I’m more equipped to deal with snow and ice than with blistering heat.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of summer left for me to get through. I somehow feel as if I am able to deal with it now, though. This retrograde cycle is making me feel as if I’ve moulted. Last night, I discussed the sentiment of my previous blog post with a coworker. The eclipse in my tenth house has made me feel reborn and renewed in a way that I typically don’t when an eclipse occurs. But the tenth house is my house — I’m a Capricorn, after all.

So, I’m going to go to the gym this morning and beat up on my class. Then I’ve got plans galore this afternoon and even more planned for this evening. I feel like I’ve shed something that was holding me back. Hopefully, this feeling lasts for a while. The stars tell me that it should . . .

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