Arlenis Sosa (source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

May 7 is Arlenis Sosa’s birthday.

In my book, “Star Struck Style,” I discuss how Taurus designers make the best employees. If you want run a classic label without being steamrolled by a cult of personality, put a Taurus designer at the helm.

Taurus models make great employees, too. There are plenty of these girls in the fashion business who have transcended the traditional runway-to-editorial route and moved into the big money campaign world. While they might not be household names (with the exception of Gigi Hadid), they are the money girls of modeling.

Just off the top of my head, I can name a few. There’s Raquel Zimmermann, Behati Prinsloo, Jessica Stam, Miranda Kerr and Stella Maxwell.

Arlenis Sosa is also on that list. Here in Canada, she’s known for being one of the faces of Joe Fresh, a fashion brand that is sold in a supermarket. It’s not exactly the place you would expect to see the face of Lancôme, but Sosa is a Taurus who can make anything look appealing and relatable.

What’s interesting to me is that I discuss Libra model Beverly Johnson in my book as being someone who can make anything look expensive. I also call Bella Hadid the uptown version of her sister, Gigi Hadid. Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, and yet the former sign is known for creating a sophisticated woman of the world, and the latter sign often creates a girl-next-door type who could sell anything to anyone.

Hmm . . .

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