Springtime (source: Daily Mirror)

Spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere in just a couple of hours. I guess that means that fall arrives in the Southern Hemisphere, too, but I don’t want to talk about that. Barely anyone lives in the Southern Hemisphere, anyway, and those of you who do live south of the equator are probably too excited about Kylie Minogue’s upcoming album to pay attention to my blog.

When the sun moves into Aries, it will join Mercury, Venus and Uranus there. The sun is exalted in Aries. Just the other day, Mars moved into Capricorn where it is also exalted. That’s a lot of masculine, cardinal, direct energy suddenly flowing through our universe. It marks a big departure from the more-passive, receptive planetary placements that have defined 2018 so far.

Yet this past weekend’s new moon occurred in the final degrees of Pisces, conjunct Chiron. Furthermore, Mercury is stationary in Aries at the moment, ready to go retrograde on Friday. The urge to go boldly into this new season will prevail, but there are likely to be a few obstacles on our path. People who feel victimized by recent events will not be inclined to move forward with the same sort of ease as those who would just as soon forget the last couple of months. It’s going to result in a lot of conflict.

My advice is to spring forward if you can. Try to be sensitive to perceived wounds that others are still nursing, but don’t allow yourself to dwell in the past. Look before you leap while Mercury is slowing down, but don’t let a little Mercury retrograde slow you down. The early bird will get the worm this spring, especially around the Easter weekend. Be ready and willing to be ready and willing because you won’t get another chance like this for the rest of the year.

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