Vanessa Williams (source: Playbill)

March 18 is Vanessa Williams birthday.

I wasn’t sure what to expect to when I looked up Vanessa Williams’ chart a moment ago. I figured that she might have a malleable chart with a concentration of planets in Pisces or other mutable signs. The reason for that is that I believe she was taken advantage of in her youth. I was correct. She has six planets (and Chiron) in three of the mutable signs with Gemini notably empty.

But that wasn’t the thing that caught my eye once I had her chart in front of me. Williams went through a Chiron return not too long ago. Shortly after that, however, Chiron transited her Mercury, the midheaven, Jupiter and the sun in her chart. The last two aspects occurred quite recently.

I also have experienced a lot of action in my chart lately due to Chiron’s transits to both itself and my natal planets. I keep hammering away at the point that these transits have helped me to grow up. I’ve thought I was a grown-up since I was a kid, but the last year or two have taught me that I was wrong.

Seeing similar events occurring in Vanessa Williams’ chart makes me wonder where her head is at lately. There was a time, several years ago, where Williams was forced to grow up right in front of our eyes. The Miss America scandal that made her into a household name was something that would have gotten the best of most individuals (especially those Pisces natives who are already prone to crumbling under pressure). She weathered the storm and went on to be the most successful former-Miss America of all-time.

Yet I don’t believe that we’ve seen the best of Vanessa Williams. I can see something going on with her right now, like a personal revolution that she is ready to share with the world, or a professional project that makes the rest of us take her more seriously than we ever have before. This procession of Chiron conjunctions has certainly taught her something profound, and something that we can all learn from.

Whether or not she is eager to bestow the rest of us with her newly acquired wisdom is something only she can answer. However, I do see something happening soon. I usually don’t make these sort of personal predictions about the people I discuss on this blog, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one. I really believe that Vanessa Williams has something special to show us in the very near future.

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