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Soul II Soul (source: YouTube)

What a difference a day makes!

Not long ago, Mercury and Venus entered my sixth house. In just a moment, the moon will move into my first house. After a week of being out of sorts (the flu will do that to you), I feel as if I’m back in my own element.

Mercury should be at home in the sixth house, so I understand why that would be a comfortable position for the planet. Venus, however, isn’t exactly in a special place when it transits the sixth. Yet for me it is a place of comfort. I’m a picky, detail-oriented guy who thrives on routine. I’m also kind of a health-nut, and the sixth house rules over mundane health issues like developing an exercise regimen and getting enough fiber in your diet. Those things become even more appealing to me when Venus enters the picture.

Not everyone is going to feel that way when a particular planet moves through a particular house. It’s one of those things that you start to understand after you’ve studied your own chart for a while. The cadent houses are generally not the strongest places in anyone’s chart, but I have always had an energizing relationship with the sixth house. It brings out the Virgo in me. I’m not a Virgo, but when I’m at my best, I exemplify many of the more-desirable qualities of a Virgo native.

These transits are going to last for a while. Mercury enters a retrograde phase soon, so it’s not going anywhere for a while. Venus will only spend about three weeks in my sixth house, leaving shortly before the arrival of the spring equinox, but the sun takes its place soon. Chiron is already there and I’ve written about how strongly I feel its presence.

Like the Soul II Soul song, I feel like I’m back to life — maybe even back to reality. When Mercury and Venus both enter Aries in a couple of days, perhaps I’ll feel even more energized. I hope so. Figuratively and literally, a new season can’t come fast enough.

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