Margherita Missoni (source: Vogue)

February 22 is Margherita Missoni’s birthday.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Missoni knitwear. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to fashion, and I know the difference between mass-produced crap covered in designer logos and genuine luxury goods. That’s why I get so excited when I’m in the presence of Missoni’s wares. To me, there aren’t many things in fashion as special as the exquisitely-crafted fabrics produced by the Italian label.

I’ve probably got three-dozen pairs of Missoni socks. I’ve got some other things, too (a couple of shirts; a bunch of ties: a scarf; a pair of sweat pants; some Missoni Home items). If I was rich, I’d probably be in Missoni 24/7 because it’s so beautiful and so unique. In “Star Struck Style,” I mention that the appeal of Missoni is lost in the age of the internet because their products need to be in your hands before you can truly appreciate how special they are. What’s more, they’re almost immune to knock-offs because they put craftsmanship first, like Bottega Veneta and many of the other premium Italian luxury lines. You can’t fake that kind of quality.

Anyway, I’ve never looked up any of the Missoni family members’ birthdays before. Margherita is a Pisces, which doesn’t surprise me because she seems to be eager to follow her own muse. Her mother, Angela Missoni, might be a Pisces, too. I’ve found an article online about a surprise birthday party for the Missoni designer held while the sun was in Pisces. However, that doesn’t mean that her birthday was on the day of the party.

Marco Missoni, Margherita’s cousin, follows me on Instagram. Maybe I’ll reach out to him and try to find out a few family birthdays so that I don’t feel as if I’m just speculating when I’m discussing the Missoni clan. Or perhaps I’ll just shut my trap and keep this all to myself. I live in a city where almost no one sells Missoni, so wearing it around makes me feel like I’m the only one privy to one of fashion’s best-kept secrets. Maybe I should keep it that way.

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