Earrings (source: Jewels Du Jour)

I make a big deal about Aquarian weirdness. That’s because I believe that most Aquarius natives are at their best when they surrender to their innate weirdness.

For that reason, I’ve chosen to illustrate the Aquarius entry in this series on iconic jewelry with Hemmerle’s aluminium jewelry.

Hemmerle is a Munich-based jeweler. According to their own website, they are “a fourth generation family run house at the vanguard of jewellery design. Each jewel conceived is unique and as original as a work of art.”

While I often use the word “vanguard” in association with Aries, it also jibes well with the archetype of the Aquarian “visionary” that I discuss frequently throughout my latest book. To me, Hemmerle’s use of natural materials to create things that we’ve never seen before strikes me as visionary. The atelier is just as likely to use aluminium and semi-precious stones as it is to use fancy-colored diamonds, Burma rubies and Ceylon sapphires. The creation of one-of-a-kind pieces is the goal.

I like to describe Aquarius individuals as a distinct, completely separate part of a whole. I believe that is who the Hemmerle customer is: a woman who recognizes that the earrings in the photo are precious because the artisans at Hemmerle were confident enough in their artistic vision that they could position the diamonds backwards (a house signature) and use anodized aluminium to craft the petals of the flowers. White gold mounts secure the design.

Hemmerle jewelry is as wonderful as it is weird. It’s also completely contemporary. In a century from now, people are going to look back at the current output of the jeweler in the way that they look at Cartier Tutti Frutti jewelry of the twenties and thirties. These are iconic pieces that create a unique style signature that will forever be associated with the Hemmerle brand. The woman who wears them is a visionary: the epitome of Aquarius style and a true original in the world of fashion, so ahead of the vanguard that she doesn’t even know what the vanguard is.

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