Marianne Faithfull (source: iTunes)

December 29 is Marianne Faithfull’s birthday.

I’m not going to mince words here. Why are there so many cool, old Capricorn broads?

Traditionally, we Capricorns are supposed to get better with age. Even with my Cancer moon (something that should have me looking in the rear view mirror a lot), I grow more at ease with myself every day. I suppose that happens to most of my fellow goats, too, because when I go looking for Capricorn celebrity birthdays, I run across way more fascinating old people than interesting young people. And it’s not just the women, but the men, too — although I do believe that Capricorn women do age more gracefully than anyone else in the zodiac.

Take Marianne Faithfull, for example. When she first became famous, she was just as likely to be recognized for being Mick Jagger’s girlfriend as she was for being a recording artist and an actress. And like a lot of famous kids, she screwed up, allowing drugs and alcohol to get the best of her. Faithfull still hadn’t exorcised her demons when she released “Broken English” in 1979, but she had begun to come into her own. It’s a brilliant album that still stands the test of time.

Throughout the next few decades, Marianne Faithfull continued to find her voice as artist. In 1987, she even released a remake of “As Tears Go By,” her first hit. She told “Vogue” magazine “forty is the age to sing it, not seventeen.”

Now I’m not saying that she left her troubles behind her as she entered middle age, but she did demonstrate that she was gaining perspective. That’s really what Capricorns do. They may lose their footing occasionally, but for every step they slide back, they truly do take two steps forward. Faithfull has been ascending her mountain for more than seventy years.

Curiously, Marianne Faithfull was born about eighteen hours before Patti Smith. I’ll discuss her in tomorrow’s post.

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