Kirk Douglas (source: Wikipedia)

December 9 is Kirk Douglas’ birthday.

Kirk Douglas was born in 1916. I’m skeptical of birth times on charts at sites like for people half his age, so I’m especially skeptical that his natal chart includes a time of birth. How was this time recorded? Was it written down? Was the information passed down orally? I have so many questions.

I was born in 1966 — fifty years after Kirk Douglas. When I was a kid, my mother had a box of keepsakes in her bedroom. In that box there were some standard index cards, each containing the handwritten birth information for me and my brothers and sisters from the hospital delivery room. Each card noted the time and date, and our weight and length at birth. I remember seeing these index cards in a hospital maternity ward, slipped into a frame that was mounted on the side of each crib. I guess that’s how the nurses were able to tell the babies apart when they were in the nursery.

I’m not really sure what they did before that, hence my skepticism when it comes to birth times on the charts of people who are substantially older than me. I suppose a lot of birth times were passed down by memory. I can imagine a parent telling a curious child “I think it was in the morning, not long before lunch.”

I’m also not sure of how Kirk Douglas’ birth time on was validated. Most babies were still born at home in the 1910s, and according to Wikipedia, Douglas was born to an impoverished immigrant family, so I have no reason to believe that he was born in a hospital. Even if he was, who knows if hospitals kept detailed records back then?

The reason I question Kirk Douglas’ birth time is that his chart contains a tight opposition of retrograde Saturn at 29° 55″ Cancer to his 0° 33″ Aquarius ascendant from the sixth house. Both the proximity and the uncommonness of such an aspect should make it a hallmark of his chart. However, the interpretation of the aspect indicates a personality far different than that of an athletic movie star known for his aggressive, explosive delivery. In fact, it’s a proverbial wet blanket on self-expression. In theory, the aspect would confer an individual with a self-contained, somewhat detached presence: quite the opposite of a movie star.

That’s what I believe, anyway. I am convinced that the birth time on Kirk Douglas’ chart is wrong. It just makes no sense whatsoever.

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