Judd Apatow (source: National Post)

December 6 is Judd Apatow’s birthday.

Today is an interesting day. “Time” magazine just announced the 2017 “Person of the Year.” The designation went to the “Silence Breakers.” These are the women who have shared their stories of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace via the #MeToo movement on social media.

Today is also the day that Judd Apatow turns fifty years old. The director has been in the news lately as a vocal supporter of women in the entertainment business who have come forward with their allegations of impropriety.

Fifty is an interesting age in astrology. Just yesterday, I posted about the asteroid Chiron. I’m not an expert on asteroids in general, but I have recently undergone a Chiron return and I claim that I have become a nicer person as a result. Like a lot of people my age, reaching that milestone has caused me to reflect upon my own “spiritual wounds” and the impact they have had on the way that I treat others. I have become far more compassionate toward those people whose circumstances are different from my own. I suppose that Chiron has taught me the importance of the idea of “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.” I don’t believe that I was lacking in empathy before my Chiron return, but I may have been too quick to reject anyone else’s version of the “facts” because of my own issues with rejection.

Judd Apatow currently has transiting Chiron just a single degree from his natal Chiron. The asteroid turned direct yesterday and will make another conjunction to its natal position in January. It’s interesting that this is happening while he is being portrayed as one of the “nice guys” in the media. He probably is, yet the impact of this event can result in further growth.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out on the other side of this transit with an even more-vocal approach to these issues. He already has the chart of someone with humanitarian inclinations (sun and Mercury in Sagittarius; moon in Aquarius; Venus in Libra), so I can see him using his power in show business to effect positive change.

Let’s hope so. I’m growing tired of only reading about the creeps when there are still plenty of good guys in the world.

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