Max Baer Jr. (source: Wikipedia)

December 4 is Max Baer Jr.’s birthday.

When I was kid, reruns of “The Beverly Hillbillies” was on quite regularly. I remember watching the show in the afternoon after school. It was cancelled in 1971, but I’m sure it remained popular well into the middle of the decade.

Max Baer Jr. played the dopey Jethro Bodine. One of the running jokes on the show was Jethro’s endless career search. Wikipedia lists his vocations as “a millwright, a brain surgeon, street car conductor, double-naught spy, telephone lineman, soda jerk, chauffeur, short-order cook, sculptor, restaurant owner, psychiatrist, and once as a bookkeeper for Milburn Drysdale’s bank . . .”.

In my latest book, I discuss how many Sagittarius natives can’t decide what to do with themselves. Of course, they exhibit boundless enthusiasm for all their endeavors, but they change their minds as often as they change their underwear. Specialization is rarely their specialty or their priority.

Interestingly, Max Baer Jr. himself did have some broad interests. Before he became an actor, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration and won a few prestigious golf tournaments. Like a lot of actors, he also worked behind the scenes as a writer, producer and director. Unlike a lot of actors, he was successful while expanding his repertoire. However, his Wikipedia page does note a few failures, including an attempt to open a casino.

Like the character he played, he kept his options open. For most Sagittarius individuals, keeping your options open is your secret to success. Some people may raise an eyebrow when they look over your Jack-of-all-trades résumé, but it will be their loss when they don’t hire you. No one brings enthusiasm to a new undertaking quite like you.

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