Gianni Versace (source: NBC)

December 2 is Gianni Versace’s birthday.

I use as a resource for many of the natal charts I discuss because I don’t have many other options. Yet sometimes I wonder about the veracity of the information provided on the site. Take Gianni Versace’s chart for example. His time of birth is listed as 6:00 am. For astrologers, a time like that is a red flag. The odds of being born exactly on the hour are slim: one-in-sixty. Sure, it can happen, but usually it indicates an estimate of an individual’s time of birth. Someone close to the designer may have provided the information to an astrologer — or even to the man himself —  remembering that he was born in the morning, sometime around 6:00 am.

The reason I don’t trust the information in this case is that Versace’s chart doesn’t make a lot of sense. It puts Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio in the twelfth house. Along with a Pisces moon, it gives his horoscope the quality of someone who would be more interested in folklore and romance than in all-out glamour. If he was born about an hour earlier, those planets would shift into the first house, making the designer into the outré personality he was known to be. Scorpio would remain as his rising sign, and Jupiter would be conjunct his ascending degree. Bringing his sexy message to the world would be his raison d’être. His Sagittarius sun would also remain in the first house, but his Sagittarius Mars would shift into the second house, painting the picture of a man who liked to live large.

This process of correcting or guessing birth times is called chart rectification. I usually don’t engage in it because it is speculative and it often involves some wishful thinking on my part. However, when presented with a chart that includes a birth time on the hour, I can’t help but speculate, especially when the chart makes no sense to me without rectification.

So, wishful thinking it is! I am the expert here . . .

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