Mariah Carey (source: Wikipedia)

Neptune turns direct in Pisces this morning. I don’t consider Neptune to be a profound influence on my own chart, so I ignore it for the most part. However, something I read the other day stuck with me. It mentioned that during a Neptune station, dreams are more likely to become vivid.

I just got over Mars’ transit of my twelfth house, and my sleep has been a little disrupted as a result. To be honest, I attribute that to a couple of non-astrological factors, too. First, I changed to some heavier bedding for winter. I think I overdid it. I need to lose a blanket because I’m too hot. Next, I’ve been working out like a madman because I’m unemployed and bored. I’m making myself sore, and that isn’t helping the matter. Finally, I’m not doing enough of anything else, so I don’t believe I need as much sleep as I did when I was working. I’m not going to bed feeling exhausted, like I have often done in the past.

But does any of that explain my weird dreams? Not really, but Neptune’s station does. What’s been notable about these dreams is that I keep finding myself back in the restaurant I worked in for fifteen years — the longest I’ve held any job. I enjoyed working there, but it did get stressful at times. When I dream about it, it’s always the same thing: my section gets bigger and bigger and there are tables I just can’t get to. Then I wake up.

So why am I dreaming about this now? I haven’t worked there since the nineties! It was so long ago that I remember listening to Dreamlover by Mariah Carey on the CD jukebox when it was new. I know, right?

I don’t have any deadlines right now. My employment insurance doesn’t run out for six more months. There’s no reason for me to feel stressed out about anything, so why am I having dreams that stress me out?

It’s weird. However, if it’s Neptune that’s causing me to have these dreams, today is the day that this phenomenon will start to abate. I hope so, because there’s nothing I love like a good night’s sleep.

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