Demi Moore (source: Cineplex)

November 11 is Demi Moore’s birthday.

Just the other day, I came across a Facebook post where someone posed the question “Who is the most overrated actor in Hollywood?” Nothing popped into my mind, so I didn’t respond.

Well, that was then and this is now. I think Demi Moore is a terrible actress. I almost didn’t include her in the celebrity profiles of my new book, but then I reconsidered because she provided a good example for the point I was trying to make at the time. Still, that doesn’t make me appreciate the questionable talents of the woman who was once the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.

I had a look at her chart. It’s very interesting. The sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune all sit in Scorpio in the eighth house. The moon is in Taurus in the second, less than half-a-degree from being exactly opposite the sun. Venus is very close to that same point, too. The big deal, however, is that these planets also sit square to Mars in Leo in the fifth house.

I don’t believe that Demi Moore has had it easy. She often plays scrappy characters who have to fight for everything they get, but I actually don’t believe that is that far from the truth. She has probably spent far too much of her life just trying to prove herself.

This discovery makes me like her a little more than I did before I looked up her chart. I never really got the impression from Moore that she was the vulnerable type, but I do now. For a moment, I honestly felt bad about calling her “the most-overrated actor in Hollywood.” And then I remembered “Striptease.”

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