Manila Luzon (source: World of Wonder)

I think that I’ve started every entry of this series with an apology because it has taken me so long to get through it. But I have been a good blogger lately, posting one or two things every day for almost a month straight. And the truth is that I owe you nothing. In fact, you owe me for sharing my vast knowledge of astrology with you. YOU OWE ME!

But enough about me and my gigantic ego. You know who else has a gigantic ego? Manila Luzon!

Manila is a Leo. I often claim that the biggest three egos in the zodiac belong to Aries, Leo and Capricorn natives. While Aries and Capricorn individuals often engage in self-sabotaging/alienating behavior because of their self-importance, Leos get away with being these larger-than-life characters that we all learn to love. There is something warm and gracious about them, even when they’re pushing the rest of us off stage so that they can have the audience all to themselves.

Leos usually have a couple of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to hogging the spotlight. They will either be prettier than all the other queens (like Kim Chi), deliberately controversial (like Madonna), or attention whores who earn every bit of attention they get. Manila Luzon is that kind of whore. She’s hilarious and terrific at what she does. I don’t believe that there is another queen with a better post-show red-carpet repertoire.

It is unfortunate that Manila ended up on the first “All-Stars” season along with Raven and Pandora Boxx — two other queens on my Dream Team. Now that this list is coming together, it makes me realize how deep the talent pool is amongst these losers. Perhaps a “Legends” season will restore the balance of the universe. I can dream, can’t I?

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