Executive Realness
(source: Gwarizm.com)

I need a job. Two weeks ago, I left work and never went back. I’ve never done anything like that in my life (I’m a loyal guy and people sometimes take advantage of my dedication), but after my manager failed to reassure me that I would be paid, I couldn’t be bothered to return. I already “work” for a charity three times a week. I don’t need to give any more of my time away.

I can’t say that I didn’t see this situation coming. Over the past few months, my disdain for the company I worked for was vocal and unrelenting. I’m not the sort of person who can listen to a superior while they attempt to blame me for their own mistakes, and that seemed to be the modus operandi for most of the individuals who occupied positions in upper management. Nothing was ever their fault.

The truth is everything was their fault. They managed to drive the company into the ground. None of them should ever have jobs again. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the corporate world works. They’ll all be hiring each other tomorrow at whatever company they choose to ruin next. Birds of a feather stick together, especially in the retail business. The same people simply move around from job to job, sucking away profits and taking credit for sales when the economy is good, and cutting staff when sales go flat in order to appease shareholders who have no idea how staff cuts actually impact the bottom line. You can’t make money when there is no one in your store to sell anything. Why is that such a difficult thing to understand?

Anyway, I’m quite optimistic about my chances to find something else to do. Tomorrow, Mars moves into my tenth house of career where it will join Mercury. The sun follows in a few days. Yesterday’s full moon was also conjunct Pluto which is only a couple of degrees away from my natal sun and trine my natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction. I know that sounds like gibberish to most of you, but my astrologer friends should recognize that this is an important time in my life.

I figured that I would use this time off to finish my book. I’m very, very close to finally being done. But I’ve also been applying for a whole bunch of jobs. I want to do something else. All of a sudden, I’m ready for a change of scenery.

Yesterday, I applied for a position that could be the biggest 180° turn I’ve ever made (if I get the job). It would mean changing up my schedule in a major way. But something in my head is telling me that I’ll be okay if that happens. I suppose it’s Pluto. I’ve been waiting for something major to happen since it started lurking around my natal sun earlier this year. Yet the outer planets don’t really work like that. Uranus may occasionally slap you across the face, but most outer planet transits change the character of the month or the year in which they occur. That’s what Pluto seems to have accomplished as it has transited my sun. It has encouraged a transformation in 2017. I’m willing to reconsider everything at the moment. For once, I’m willing to negotiate.

Believe me, for a mountain goat, I’m not that agile. But if something comes up that forces me to change the way I’m doing things, I think I can take it. Plus, I’d do almost anything to have a job where I can show off my fabulous wardrobe in an environment worthy of my fabulous presence. I need some executive realness in my life. I’ve only been unemployed for two weeks and I’m already losing my mind.

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