Carson Kressley (source: St. Martin’s Press)

November 11 is Carson Kressley’s birthday.

I like Carson Kressley.  I actually paid to see him in Las Vegas once when I attended “Dancing with the Stars Live.” I’ve never stopped to look at his natal chart before, though. He’s got a major T-square involving Saturn, Mars and Venus. I need to pay attention to Venus/Saturn oppositions in other people’s charts because that seems like an aspect that could inhibit good taste.

Anyway, with Jupiter in Libra ready to conjunct Carson’s natal Jupiter, 2017 could be his big year. Or maybe he’ll just grow a big butt. He’s actually going to have Jupiter conjunctions galore over the next couple of years. I hope he can keep up. Scorpio natives can have a difficult time dealing with abundance. They can freak out and turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms when things start moving too quickly around them. For his own sake, Carson Kressley will need to figure out how to keep up with himself in the not-too-distant future. I don’t want success to turn him into a monster. If it can happen to a Scorpio like Bethenny Frankel, it can happen to him.

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