Virgos (source: World of Wonder)

While I’ve already bragged that my new book is half-finished, I was still completing the sixth chapter up until a few minutes ago. Now it’s done — officially!

Moving on from Virgo to Libra shouldn’t be difficult. I feel as if I know both signs quite well. I’m not a Virgo, but I have a lot in common with most Virgos. I also have Libra as my rising sign, so I should have no problem composing that chapter.

However, I am concerned that I don’t have a timeline in place. For that reason, I’m going to resolve to complete a chapter a month until I’m finished. That should give me plenty of time to wrap things up. I’m at the point now where I can see the finish line, but I know that getting ahead of myself isn’t going to do me any favors. If I follow the self-publishing route, imposing a deadline is really just a symbolic gesture. Nevertheless, it’s a gesture I believe I need to make.

So by the time the winter solstice rolls around, I want to be bragging about how I’ve finished my new book. It’s out there in the universe now. Only time will tell if I can get it done.

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