Two Moons
Two Moons (source: Pics about Space)

A second full moon in Sagittarius arrives this Monday, just hours before the solstice. Things like this don’t happen very often — once in a blue moon, as the saying goes. The first full moon was in May just as the sun entered Gemini, and the second occurs in the final degree of Gemini.

I was taught to downplay the idea of the “cusp” in astrology and to assign significance to the last degree of any sign. Supposedly, it’s a Karmic point. I’m hoping for some good Karma, but it’s more likely that there is going to be plenty of bad Karma to go around. Gemini is mouthy. People get in trouble because they just can’t clam up when the sun transits that sign. Sagittarius is idealistic. People give their ideologies too much credit when the moon is in Sagittarius. The full moon brings tension between the luminaries. Add a dose of Karma to the mix and you’re likely to see your words used against you during this full moon. But you know what? You probably deserve it. You wouldn’t be in this mess if you just kept your mouth shut.

Learning to shut up should come easy once the sun enters Cancer and the moon enters Capricorn later in the day. But there still will be a Karmic cast to the beginning of the summer season. Mars is stuck on the same degree for the next few weeks as it slips out of retrograde in Karmic Scorpio. Expect a few shakeups. Again, things that have been buried will come to the surface and the people who did the burying will have some explaining to do. If your hands are clean, don’t bother to pick up a shovel. Let the universe have its revenge. These things should resurface on their own when Mars goes direct, and if they don’t, someone else will do the dirty work for you. If you don’t make a mess, you won’t have a mess to clean up.

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