Rory McIlroy (source: USA Today)

The full moon in Gemini tomorrow will present me with some contrasting influences. It’s almost exactly on top of my natal Mercury, which means that the sun will be opposing my natal Mercury at the same time. One aspect will be telling me to let the world know exactly how I feel, while the other will be advising me to shut my big, fat mouth.

I think I’m going to do the latter. I’ll be finished work early tomorrow, and I can spend the evening at home where I can keep my thoughts to myself. I’m feeling quite pleased with myself lately, so I should probably avoid confrontations where my ego could possibly get in the way of my cautious Capricorn character.

It’s just one day, so I shouldn’t have a difficult time stopping myself from saying the wrong thing. Venus, my ruling planet, is about to turn retrograde in Capricorn where it will form a second conjunction with transformative Pluto. The sun is about to enter Capricorn, too, where it will oppose my natal moon on Christmas Eve. I’ve got interesting things galore happening in my horoscope, but many of them have the potential to be not-so-great if I let my emotions get the best of me.

I need to be all-business for the next week or so, like a professional golfer who doesn’t let the noise around him distract him from the game. That shouldn’t be too hard for me because I’m not normally rattled. Also, I’ve got a four-day work week followed by a three-day work week on the horizon, so I can thank my lucky stars that the holiday season is going to bring me plenty of down-time. After a whole lifetime of working in retail jobs, it’s going to be nice to have an actual break during the holiday season. So, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, just as long as I don’t let the noise of the crowd get to me.

Let’s see how that goes . . .

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