Justin Trudeau (source: The Star)

I have always found Justin Trudeau’s manner to be a bit smarmy. That’s the reason why I didn’t warm up to him when he first came on the political scene. However, I have grown to respect him immensely over the last couple of years. I still think he’s smarmy, but I also believe that he is a way better politician than many of his Canadian counterparts.

I have always admired him on a personal level, though, because he’s a lot like me. Of course, we have the same sun/Mercury/Venus combination in our natal charts. I have discussed this topic several times on this blog. Astrologically speaking, we are peas in a pod. I have also discussed how I believe that the combination of those three planets provides us with one of the most accurate character profiles of any combination of astrological positions. I keep saying that I should write a book about it!

I might just do that. Last year’s post from this day had me declaring the same intention to the universe. I’m glad that I was reminded of my declaration because I feel as if I need to commit to some sort of creative project right now. There’s something missing in my life, and it’s the satisfaction I get from dedicating myself to my “craft.”

So, I’m going to do that. Watching Justin Trudeau smacking down a so-called reporter representing Rebel Media, Canada’s version of FOX News, was glorious and it reminded me that I also have a way with words. Yeah, I use them all the time on this blog, but I need to find a way to use them that will turn my detractors into fans. I need to take a page out of Justin Trudeau’s play book.

Wish me luck!

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