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The sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. I’ve posted a photo of the world’s most famous Aquarius native instead of the traditional depiction of the water-bearer. I suppose that cup of tea in Oprah’s hand provides a suitable alternative, anyway. Aquarius is probably the toughest sign to pin down for astrologers. There is an inherent dualism to the sign reflected in […]

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Ethel Merman

January 16 is Ethel Merman’s birthday. I don’t believe that I’ve ever looked up Ethel Merman’s natal chart before. I get excited when I discover that I share certain chart elements with celebrities that I admire, so I was thrilled to see that Merman and I have the same sun, moon, Venus and Saturn (there is a very slight chance […]

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January 15 is Skrillex’s birthday. I knew that there were a couple of famous Capricorn DJs around because I spend practically every vacation I have at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where Calvin Harris and Tiesto are the resident DJs at the nightclub Hakkasan. I thought it was more than just a coincidence that the pair share a birthday. When […]

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Georgia May Jagger

January 12 is Georgia May Jagger’s birthday. I don’t want to make it seem as if I’m picking favorites when I point out how many gorgeous Capricorn models there are . . . Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I’m picking favorites! That doesn’t take away from the fact that there seems to be a nearly inexhaustible supply of […]

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Janelle Pierzina

January 10 is Janelle Pierzina’s birthday. Janelle Pierzina is my all-time favorite “Big Brother” contestant. I like my reality stars just like her: smart, competitive, hilarious and aware that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. I don’t want to root for someone who looks like they just wandered in off the street. I want to get behind […]

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Elvis Presley

January 8 is Elvis Presley’s birthday. I should probably be discussing Elvis in “Viva Las Vegas,” but once again, I’m going to make this post all about me. It’s my blog and I can digress if I want to! As anyone who knows me already knows, I can’t get enough of Las Vegas. What really gets me going, however, is […]