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Category: A Soupcon of Je Ne Sais Quois

A Soupcon of Je Ne Sais Quois 0


The sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. I’ve posted a photo of the world’s most famous Aquarius native instead of the traditional depiction of the water-bearer. I suppose that cup of tea in Oprah’s hand provides a suitable alternative, anyway. Aquarius is probably the toughest sign to pin down for astrologers. There is an inherent dualism to the sign reflected in […]

A Soupcon of Je Ne Sais Quois 0

Resolution Time!

Depending upon where you live, the new moon arrives late tonight or early tomorrow morning. The arrival of the new moon every thirty days or so signifies a good time to embark upon new projects. Astrological lore tells us to begin anew during the waxing moon, and then to wrap things up during the waning moon. That’s why I always make […]