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Aries on Aries Action

A new moon in Aries arrives tomorrow night. It’s a great time to resolve to do something novel, like updating your blog on a regular basis. Ugh! I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. Like I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve been focused on finishing my book and an upcoming gig at the Edmonton Woman’s Show. But if […]

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A Time to Scream

The full moon arrived this morning while I was composing this post. I read a few articles about the full moon in Virgo, but they mostly left me scratching my head. Why do so many astrologers insist upon discussing the most mundane occurrences as if they are cataclysmic cosmic events that are going usher in a new age of spiritual awareness? Can’t […]

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The sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. I’ve posted a photo of the world’s most famous Aquarius native instead of the traditional depiction of the water-bearer. I suppose that cup of tea in Oprah’s hand provides a suitable alternative, anyway. Aquarius is probably the toughest sign to pin down for astrologers. There is an inherent dualism to the sign reflected in […]

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Resolution Time!

Depending upon where you live, the new moon arrives late tonight or early tomorrow morning. The arrival of the new moon every thirty days or so signifies a good time to embark upon new projects. Astrological lore tells us to begin anew during the waxing moon, and then to wrap things up during the waning moon. That’s why I always make […]