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Resolution Time!

Depending upon where you live, the new moon arrives late tonight or early tomorrow morning. The arrival of the new moon every thirty days or so signifies a good time to embark upon new projects. Astrological lore tells us to begin anew during the waxing moon, and then to wrap things up during the waning moon. That’s why I always make […]

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A Crabby Month

The moon slipped into Cancer a few minutes ago, joining the sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign. All this crabby action — including tomorrow’s new moon — is occurring in my ninth house. What’s interesting is that my confidence concerning my new book is pretty high right now. Perhaps opportunity (the ninth house) and my home-based business (Cancer) are being […]

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Mars wears Versace?

Mars goes direct in just a few hours. After backtracking into Scorpio about a month ago, the red planet will finally be back on the move. Still, it’s going to be a while before it gains some momentum and makes it back into Sagittarius: about five weeks, to be exact. I’m going to have to wait until early September before it […]