Mercury (source: Rochester Subway)

Mercury just moved into a Aries a few hours ago, which means that it is making its first conjunction with my progressed Mercury since it moved into Aries last October.

The aspect itself is interpreted like a typical conjunction between transiting Mercury and my natal Mercury. However, I have a couple of other things to consider: the house placement and the sign placement. This aspect is occurring in my sixth house, so it’s no surprise that I feel as if I’m the smartest person with the best ideas at my place of work. To be honest, I usually feel that way, and most of my coworkers would agree that I’m full of myself. Yet I typically walk the talk, and I rarely find myself eating my own words or stumbling over my own hubris.

With this conjunction lining up in Aries, however, I might be a little more aggressive than usual when it comes to pushing my own agenda. Thankfully, I have a couple of days off. Today is my normal day off and tomorrow I’m taking a paid health-care day because I’ve got a dentist appointment.

I don’t know many people who would choose a root canal over a regular day at work, but right now I’m sort of annoyed by the terrible track record of one of my superiors who has probably used up all of his time off for 2022 already. I feel as if people take advantage of my dependability when they consider whether or not they are going to call in “sick.” I try to keep my thoughts to myself regarding those issues, but here I am recording my thoughts on a blog for all the world to read. If I was at work today with transiting Mercury conjunct my progressed Mercury in Aries in the sixth house, I wouldn’t be able to shut my big, fat mouth.

So, I should count my cosmic blessings that I’m going to be sitting in a dentist’s chair tomorrow. By the time I’m back at work on Tuesday morning, this feeling should pass. I can thank my lucky stars that Mercury moves so swiftly. Otherwise, this would be trouble!

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