Constellations (source: EarthSky)

Over the course of my lifetime, a couple of major planetary stelliums have occurred while I was a practicing astrologer: one in Capricorn and one in Taurus. Both events provided me with plenty of perspective about what happens when several planets pile up in a single sign.

Another big pile up is on the horizon. In February of 2021, the sign of Aquarius will become remarkably crowded. On February 11 specifically, the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the asteroid Pallas will all be in the sign simultaneously.

What interests me the most about this upcoming event is that it will provide people like me the chance to investigate what happens when so many heavenly bodies crowd together into a single Placidian house of my horoscope. My fourth house begins at 23°52″ Capricorn and ends at 29°05″ Aquarius. That means that Pluto will also be in the same house as all the other planets I just mentioned.

What also interests me is the fact that if were to use whole sign houses, only Pluto would be in my fourth house on this particular date. Every other planet would be in my fifth house.

As I’ve discussed a million times before on this blog, I don’t believe in whole sign houses because I know that I don’t have a fourth house natal sun. The interpretation of that placement could not describe me more inaccurately. I also have decades of experience using the Placidus house system to understand how house transits work in real time.

This upcoming stellium should provide me with another chance to confirm my own beliefs. Having six planets and an asteroid in my fifth house would be an entirely different experience from having seven planets and an asteroid in my fourth house. If I can’t use this opportunity to assess the difference between those two scenarios, I have no business being an astrologer.

So, with an eye on this upcoming cosmic configuration, I implore anyone practicing astrology to not only take a look at where this stellium lands in your chart, but also how the interpretations for the event differ using the competing house systems. While not everyone is going to have such huge differences in where their house cusps land, plenty of us will. For those of us who haven’t been through this all before, this will be our chance to put the systems we have adopted to the test — like I did during the big Taurus stellium twenty years ago.

Mark your calendars . . .


  1. How do you find out in which house the stellium will be? I was born in an Aquarius stellium. I am 7 times Aqua: Sun, Moon, and 5 planets. My stellum was in the 4th house when I was born. I wonder how will this affect my generation’s stellium Aquas. I also wonder what the new stellium Aqua babies will bring to Humanity.


  2. Your houses don’t change. If the planets were mostly in the fourth house when you were born, it’s likely that some or all of them will be there again. I suggest going to the site, clicking on Extended Chart Selection, entering your birth data and then selecting Natal Chart and Transits from the drop-down menu. That will allow to view where the planets are today. When you click back to chart, you can enter different dates to see exactly when planets are transiting that particular part of your chart.

    The stellium occurs mostly in my fourth house. It’s likely that I will be focused on matters that have to do with my “foundation,” including my home-based sideline and the things about myself that make me defensive. For others with the same part of their chart highlighted, the focus could easily be on home and family.


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