Liya Kebede (source: Journal Des Femmes)

March 1 is Liya Kebede’s birthday.

I used to believe that Liya Kebede was born on January 3, but her day and month of birth were transposed on various websites. Even Astrotheme still has the date wrong. I should email them and let them know that the model is a Pisces, not a Capricorn. I also need to tell them that they’ve got the wrong birthday listed for Veronica Webb.

I punched Kebede’s birth info into astro.com. She has the sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces. Her natal moon has about a 70% chance of being in Scorpio (otherwise it is in Sagittarius), and her Mars is in Cancer. That’s a watery chart!

I don’t know if get “watery” vibes from the model, but I do get the artistic vibes that you would expect to see from someone with such a strong Pisces presence in their horoscope. What’s interesting is that Kebede was just in the news because of her collaborations with Moncler Genius and Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli. Those incredible puffer coat/gown hybrids that were all over the internet last week featured fabrics from Kebede’s own label, Lemlem.

It’s interesting to me that Natalia Vodianova also had a birthday this week. What I discovered about Liya Kebede is that she has a kid who was born in 2000. Vodianova was a young mother, as well, and it didn’t really affect her modeling career. I wonder if there is something in their charts that would indicate maternal tendencies and the sort of drive that would allow someone to succeed in a profession that isn’t always kind to young women with young children. Both of the models are also well known for their philanthropy, and I’ve published blog posts in the past wondering how a charitable spirit is indicated in the horoscope.

I almost wrote a profile of Vodianova yesterday and now I wish I had because I really want to compare their natal charts.

This always happens to me. One question turns into ten questions. I have a feeling as if I’m about to go down the rabbit hole . . .

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